​​The Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Association
of the Treasure Coast


The following books can be found in the following locations: (You can check them out free

for a period of two weeks.)

Tender Care Service                         210 SW Ocean Blvd,                      Stuart, FL

Mederi-Caretenders                         1800 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd.          Port St. Lucie

Lynmoore at Lawnwood                  1500 N. Lawnwood Circle             Ft. Pierce

Champion Home Health                   840 19th Street                               Vero Beach

Nurse on Call                                      413 South Parrott Avenue             Okeechobee


The 36 Hour Day                                                 Nancy Mace & Peter Rabins

100 Simple Things You Can Do                        Jean Carpenter

Alzheimer's 911                                                     Frena Gray-Davidson

The Alzheimer's Action Plan                              P. Muraii Doraiswamy

The Alzheimer's Answer                                     Marwan SabbaghRichard Farrell

The Alzheimer's Caregiving Puzzle                   Patricia R. Callone       

Alzheimer's Disease                                              Jacqueline Adams

Alzheimer's Disease - 300 Tips                           Patricia Callone

A;zheimer's Early Stages                                      Daniel Kuhn

Alzheimer's Family - Helping Caregivers          Robert B. Santulli

Creating Moments of Joy                                      Jolene Brackley

DEveloping Support Groups                                 Robyn Yale

Jan's Story                                                                Barry Peterson

What's Happening To Grandpa?                          Maria Shriver

Losing My Mind                                                        Thomas DeBaggio

Living Your Best With Early Stage                        Lisa Snyder

Learning To Speak Alzheimer's                             Robert N. Butler

Parkinson' Disease:

100 Questions & Answers - Parkinson's              Abraham Lieberman

Parkinson's Disease - Guide                                  William J. Weiner

My Imaginary Illness                                               Brian David Hodges

Taking Charge Of Parkinson's Disease                Ann Carter Mikkleson

Understanding Parkinson's Disease                     David L. Cram

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis                               Robert Miller

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Guide                 Hiroshi Mitsumoyo

God Is In The Pancakes                                            Robert Epstein

My Life Living With The Silent Killer                       Leonard Brown

​Huntington''s Chorea:

​Genes & Diseases - Huntington's                            David M. Lawrence

Huntington's Disease                                                 Oliver Quarrell

JUst Move Forward - The Simple Truth                 Susan Lawrence

Learning To Live With Huntington's                        Sandy Sulaiman

Myasthenia Gravis:

THe Mysterious Illness - Myasthenia Gravis           Hazel M. Smart

The Official Patient's Sourcebook On MS                James N. Parker

Multiple Sclerosis:

100 Questions & Answers - MS                                  William Sheremata

The Gift Of Remission - MS                                          Linda Land

MS - Clinician's Guide To Diagnosis                           Gary Birnbaum

MS - Guide For The Newly Diagnosed                      Nancy Holland

MS - Variants, Symptoms & Treatments                   Noelle Marrin